Our Mission

We want to welcome you and invite you to become a part of our church. We believe that, through Christ, the church is the vital foundation for life and ministry. Not to be confused with a building or facility, the church is simply a network of people committed to sharing the message of Jesus (Matthew 16:18).

     Our Church Has 4 Purposes

     First and foremost we are committed...

                    to evangelism

    We believe it's our responsibility to introduce people to Christ who never accepted Him. We know from experience that only God can take a troubled life and truly transform it into something new and beautiful. This is the reality of the gospel and our message to all. 
     Second, we are committed to providing an open environment...

                    to worship God

     and to fellowship with others who hold similar values and love for Christ. Christianity is not a solo act. The Lord designed each of us for relationships, both with Him and with others. To accomplish this, He has given each of us specific gifts and abilities to build and encourage each other in our worship to Him.
     As a church we also desire...

                    to disciple believers

     and help them grow in their faith. Jesus taught that whenever people accept God, they are spiritually "born again." Like infants, each new Christian requires lots of love and spiritual nurturing in order to grow and mature into a lifelong follower of Christ.
     Last, but equally important, we commit ourselves...

                    to compassion

     reaching out to others in need. Everyone experiences difficulties in life and has times of need. endless challenges surround us each day with new opportunities to help others. With each response we are able to share hope and build a bridge to Christ.
As followers of Jesus, we submit ourselves to these purposes. (Acts 2:42-471 Thessalonians 5:11;Hewbrews 10:25).